Campaigns: when content marketing invites you into the kitchen

content marketing campaign kitchen theme

Good food, the pleasure of cooking, and the friendliness it brings: these are all good reasons to bring consumers into the kitchen. Here are ten content marketing campaigns based on this theme that were identified as stand-outs by our team or by our colleagues at La Réclame, Veille Brand Content and Creapills.

1. Bosch Canada created a collection of recipes online

On its Canadian site, Bosch offers a collection entitled The Sous-Chef. From appetizers to desserts and bread to meat, everything you can think of is there, ready to be cooked with the help of Bosch Autochef products.

content marketing campaigns kitchen theme bosch canada the sous-chef

2. Philips bets on crowd sourcing

In order to promote its range of small kitchen electrical appliances, Philips (France) has decided to celebrate the art of “homemade”. The initiative is based primarily on a dedicated Facebook page — Philips Fait Maison — which is connected with their website to all of their products that fit that niche. The page offers users a chance to discover unique Philips recipes using an integrated app which also redirects to the brand’s website. Also, recipes that can be found online are frequently highlighted on the timeline page. This wonderful campaign has attracted more than 800,000 fans.

content marketing campaigns kitchen theme  philips fait maison

3. Olivari Olive Oil launched a series of audio book recipes as a mobile app

Success is almost guaranteed by following a recipe from a cook book. But not having to touch your phone and get it dirty with ingredients while cooking? Now that makes an audio app even better. The olive oil brand Olivari has developed the Audio Cookbook for all food lovers through the use of a mobile application that dictates the recipes to you. It is an original and practical concept that is available for iOS and Android systems.

4. Samsung is reinventing the art of cooking, literally

What happens when a chef meets an artist? Samsung answers the question with the concept of Beauty-Food that aims to “celebrate the important moments of your life around exceptional culinary works of art.” It emerges from the collaboration between Eric Frechon, Michelin three-star chef, and Marc Brétillot, culinary designer. The result is six creationswith accompanying tutorialsthat can be replicated to celebrate the marriage between art and food. It is a poetic way of promoting the designs and innovative range of refrigerators from this Korean manufacturer.

5. Moulinex is organizing a two-pronged cooking challenge

To prove that “anyone can cook like a chef” with its very nifty robot Kitchen Companion, Moulinex (France) has developed a major scheme: the Companion Academy. You can partake in the challenge in Lille, Lyon and Paris, as well as through online cooking classes in partnership with the Atelier des Chefs. The great challenge and highlight of the campaign is to make 12 food lovers reproduce, identically, a chef’s recipe. Once completed, the dishes are photographed for inclusion in the next brand advertising campaign.

6. Crédit Agricole promotes French regions and local food professionals

Crédit Agricole helps to promote the wealth of French regions through local and national operations. Since 2013, the website called Talents Gourmands has aimed to “feature the farmers, artisans and restaurateurs who advocate for their lands through the quality of their products” by hosting a contest and an interactive map of French terroirs.

content marketing campaigns kitchen theme crédit agricole talents gourmands

7. The INTERBEV creates a dating site for beef lovers

To promote beef, the Inter-professional National Association of Livestock and Meat (INTERBEV for short) has opted for a funny and effective solution: a dating site for beef lovers! The site includes news, tips and events around beef, and, above all, genuine meetings between cooks (Beef Maestro) and gastronomes (Beef Addicts).

8. Danette opted for a fake bad buzz campaign

With the launch of its dessert, The Liegeois, Danette developed a web campaign sham. Two great videos combining parody, self-mockery and interaction… but we let you discover them for yourself below:

9. Kikkoman tells its story with a documentary

Kikkoman, a Japanese soy sauce manufacturer, is an old family business that has lasted for over 300 years. The brand uses the talented and famous Lucy Walker, a documentary filmmaker, to tell its story, which features the company’s presence in the United States in the 1970s. The result is a brilliant 25-minute documentary.

10. Ikea makes our heads spin with a mesmerizing TV commercial

We can not stress it enough: advertising is a form of content marketing (at least this is our vision as a French-American content marketing agency).  To illustrate this opinion, we propose to conclude this set of content marketing campaigns on the kitchen theme with a TV commercial by Ikea that will probably make your head spin.

Because the kitchen appeals to the senses as well as the emotions, it has the power to resonate deeply with consumers. This makes it a fertile theme for designing creative campaigns that promote happiness and successful brands.

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