Content Marketing: what content formats should be prioritized?

Branded Content what content formats should be prioritized

Many different content formats coexist in the wide world of content marketing. There is no absolute standard, and each format has characteristics that make it particularly suitable for certain scenarios.

1. As part of an SEO strategy

Textual content elements, in the form of articles, can be considered the basic unit of content marketing. Published on a brand’s blog or digital magazine and circulated on social media, they help build the brand’s image and define its long-term SEO strategy.

Examples (inspired by our French colleagues at the excellent Veille du Brand Content website):

  • The “Standard Culture” blog set up by American hotel chain The Standard Hotel.
  • The “The Focus” magazine, edited by Egon Zehnder, a Swiss management consulting firm.

Branded Content: what content formats should be prioritized digital magazine Standard Culture

2. During a quick win campaign

Infographics and videos are visual content formats that have a high perceived value for the target. These formats are well suited to quick win and buzz campaigns — through publication on owned media — backed up by a combination of media placement and press coverage.


  • The film “The Legend Returns” produced by Peugeot to mark the launch of the 208 GTI.

3. Within the context of an Inbound Marketing strategy

White papers and webinars are excellent tools for generating prospects. Within the context of an Inbound Marketing strategy, they are a bargaining chip, prompting users to register on the brand’s website.


4. To generate interaction

Finally, some content formats such as quizzes, video games, and apps are interactive in nature and can generate engagement from the target.


  • The video game “Toilet Trek” created by UNICEF to raise awareness about World Toilet Day.
  • Stride Rite’s “RiteFit” app, which allows parents to measure the shoe size of their children.

Branded Content: what content formats should be prioritized ritefite app stride rite

Of course, this article is not exhaustive, as there are many other types of digital and non-digital branded content formats. It is also possible to use the content formats presented in this article in many different ways. The only rule? Always maintain the design, production, and distribution of content within a broader content marketing strategy — one that capitalizes on the specific characteristics of the chosen formats.


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