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Welcome to the era of the media brand.
It’s an age inviting brands to reinvent their status,
To emerge through content and better assume new responsibilities in the society:
Inform, educate, entertain, inspire, appeal, shock, engage, innovate, recruit.
Say goodbye to media hype.
Seize the power of content marketing: branded content, branded journalism and branded entertainment.

Brands are becoming media companies.
Your brand is a media company.
We build its audience.


MADALANA is a content marketing agency based in Los Angeles, California, USA and Paris, France. Since 2013, we have helped brands editorialize their digital communication. In order to develop, engage and activate our clients’ audiences within a high-performance ecosystem, MADALANA imagines innovative strategies and aspirational pieces of content: movies, web TV episodes, magazines, books, blogs, infographics, quizzes. We intervene on the entire content value chain — innovation, consulting, design, production, broadcast, measure — with a 360° vision.


content marketing agency founder thibaud clement

Thibaud Clément

Business Development Director / Content marketing expertise (4 years) / Luxury, high-tech, services, e-commerce / Grenoble Ecole de Management (MSc) + University of Ottawa (MBA).

content marketing agency founder noemie coyot

Noémie Coyot

Project Director / Social media expertise (6 years) / Luxury, culture, telecommunication, services / Université Paris Dauphine.


content marketing agency branded journalism MADALANA is a name of Spanish origin, a symbol of expression, innovation and creativity.

content marketing agency branded entertainment MADALANA pays tribute to American director Sophia Madalana Martinez Moore’s multiple talents.

content marketing agency artistic creationMADALANA refers to Vila Madalana, the historic, artistic and avant-garde São Paulo neighborhood.

content marketing agency emotional communication MADALANA revisits the “madeleine de Proust” through simple creative ideas capable of triggering intense emotions.

content marketing agency influence hub MADALANA is a cultural melting pot, a crossroad of influences, a wellspring of inspiration.

content marketing agency at your service MADALANA is all this at the same time — and a whole lot more.


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