Link Earning, a new standard for SEO

Link Earning, a new standard for SEO

Obtaining backlinks — inbound links — is an essential component of a successful SEO strategy. However, while the goal remains the same, the method for achieving it has evolved: link earning has replaced link building.

 The evolution of search engines

In the past, search engines used to focus on the quantity of backlinks a website could get. Today, they focus on the quality of these links. Through successive updates of their search algorithms, Google, Bing and their competitors tend to penalize “paid” and “artificial” links, in favor of organic links, originating from major sites.

The limits of link building

The following “traditional” methods of link building thus become less and less effective, and progressively riskier :

  • Link exchanges.
  • Registration on directories.
  • Link farming.
  • In some cases, even press relations (massive campaigns).

Today, many formerly successful practices are more likely to cause damage than to your search rankings than to increase the effectiveness of your SEO strategy.

The rise of link earning

Link earning has become the only, truly sustainable approach. It is no longer a matter of creating, producing, generating, or begging for links; now, one has to earn links through a quality branded content strategy that will bring:

  • Shares, likes, tweets, and other +1s on social media.
  • Spontaneous mentions on influential media platforms.
  • Quotes and references on niche platforms.
  • Mentions in targeted “curated lists.”

Fooling search engines with technical tricks is no longer a smart strategy. It is much better to design relevant content that will captivate your audience. This will generate ROI, both in terms of SEO and brand awareness.

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