Red Bull: the ultimate media brand

red bull the ultimate media brand

The digital world precipitated advertisers in the media brand era. If there is a brand that has quickly understood the issues and mastered the codes, that brand is Red Bull.

A reminder: media brand characteristics

As you may know, a media brand is characterized by three main elements:

  • An editorial strategy.
  • Content with high added value to a target audience.
  • A publishing broadcast ecosystem.

Red Bull…

On its official website, Red Bull does not put forward its products, promotions, and financial results. In the manner of a specialized media outlet, the brand highlights the latest “energizing” activities with which it is involved: extreme sports, alternative music, and, more recently, electronic sports (eSports). In other words, Red Bull promotes — and promises — adrenaline to sell energy better.

red bull media brand news

Whether text, sound or image, the content published by the brand invariably enjoys an exceptional quality of realization with a high virality potential. Examples are the famous The Athlete Machine clip or different seasons of the Red Bull Signature Series.

Above all, the Austrian brand has developed a real digital (omni) presence due to:

red bull media brand the red bulletin

… the ultimate media brand

In fact, the company goes way beyond the borders of a media brand to be, all at the same time:

  • A “lifestyle” brand that is part of the daily lives of its consumers — and critics — thanks to repeated street marketing operations such as the famous “Can Cars.”

red bull media brand can cars

red bull media brand air race

  • A performance brand, able to gather the “whole planet” — more than 8 million viewers watching live on YouTube Live — during the broadcast of the Red Bull Stratos mission, which allowed Felix Baumgartner to be the first man to cross the sound barrier in a free fall.

red bull media brand red bull stratos

High profile content, a perfect mastery of the digital world, and continuous investment on the brand: this is the recipe that makes Red Bull a media brand, if not a media empire.

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